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Swivel Joints

  • Alpha Process Controls International is recognised as a leading supplier of rotary swivel joints, with over 30 years’ experience.

    Alpha Process Controls swivel joints enable complete 360-degree rotation that remains leak-tight with high pressure integrity.

    The Alpha swivel joints are used in a variety of configurations, including loading arms and hose applications.

  • Fitting
    Alpha Process Controls swivel joints can be fitted to rigid pipework, articulated loading arms or flexible hoses. Full 360-degree rotation is possible with product under pressure and at full flow with no leakage.

    The APC swivel joint is a robust unit that can be easily serviced. Seal replacement can be carried out quickly with the swivel joint in situ.

    Proven design
    The proven design of the APC swivel joint was adopted as standard by many of the world's major oil and petrochemical companies.

    Manufacturing quality
    Manufactured to the highest quality, APC swivel joints are ISO-9001 compliant, and all parts have full traceability.

    APC swivel joints are designed and manufactured in house using the latest 3D CAD and CNC machining centres.

    Pressure tested
    Each APC swivel joint is fully pressure-tested and uniquely numbered prior to despatch.

    Range of applications
    Supplied to major oil, gas and petrochemical companies throughout the world.

    Rigorously tested
    Nitrogen gas testing for each individual swivel joint.

    Obtainable records
    Impeccable records retention to ensure correct spares are supplied when required.

    Spare parts
    Spare parts held in stock.

    Quality control
    Manufactured to the highest quality control standard: QA system ISO 9001 2008 approved.

    01 2008 approved.

  • Swivel joints applications:

    • Road tanker loading and unloading

    • Rail tanker loading and unloading

    • Hose handling in loading bays

    • Process product transfer.

    Typical products handled include:

    • Liquefied gases: LPG, butane, propane and blends, DME

    • Chemicals: ammonia, methanol, aromatics, ethylene & propylene, VCM, alcohols & acids

    • Speciality: hydraulic oils, inks, paints, solvents.

  • Sizes
    2" to 4" or metric equivalents.

    Stainless steel to suit specific applications.

    Flange or weld prepped to suit customer requirements.

    PTFE spring energised.

    Temperature range
    -50˚C to 100˚C.

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