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Rail Transfer Systems

  • Alpha Process bottom provide a wide range of loading systems specifically designed for rail loading applications.

    Loading arms with completely integrated couplings (ERC) emergency release couplings and Dry break enable product to be transferred efficiently and safely.

    The unique video shown below demonstrates the emergency disconnection of six individual loading arms at a rail terminal.

  • In House Design
    3D CAD systems are used in the modelling of customers rail loading area and rail cars, from which the working envelope of the loading arm is determined. This enables checks to be carried out for any potential clash problems between the loading arm and the tanker. Once this stage is completed it is passed to the client for review and sign off.

    Reliable Operation
    The robust design and superior quality of parts gives the loading arms a long reliable service live.

    Superior Swivel Joints
    APC swivel joints are designed and manufactured for long life durability and ease of service.

    Choose from our standard range of loading arms, or request a bespoke design, manufactured to your specific rail terminal loading requirements.

    Associated Equipment
    We can supply the complete loading arm system that incorporates quick release drybreak couplings and emergency release driveaway protection, or specific systems to your specifications.

    Stress Analysis
    Full stress analysis is carried out as standard on all our loading arm designs including the dynamic loading seen during a drive-away scenario.

    Proven Design
    Over 30 years field experience.

    Supplied to:
    Major Oil, Gas and Petrochemical companies throughout the world.

    Rigorously Tested
    Hydrostatic testing for each individual loading arm.

    Impeccable records
    Retention to ensure correct spares are supplied when required. Spare parts held in stock.

    Numerous actual product trials at customer sites have over the years proved beyond doubt the effectiveness of the APC Loading arm system.

    Manufactured to the Highest Quality Control Standard
    QA system ISO 9001 2008 approved.

  • Rail Tanker loading and unloading:

    For more details and free application evaluation contact Alpha Process Controls.

    Typical Specifications

    • SIZES: 2" to 4" or metric equivalents.
    • Pipework and elbows - Low temperature carbon steel.
    • Welding carried out by Lloyds approved orbital welding machine and coded welders.
    • Swivel Joints: Low temperature carbon steel with vacuum hardened raceways.
    • Swivel Joint Mounting: Flanged for ease of servicing.
    • Swivel Joint Seals: PTFE.
    • Connections: Inlet to the loading arm flanged to most standards including ANSI, BS, DIN, ISO and JIS.
    • Connections: Outlet to tanker can be flange to flange, Fluiseal Drybreak Coupling or ACME threaded couplings.
    • ERC Breakaway Coupling complete with simple pull cable actuation or nitrogen operated cylinder.
    • Temperature range -50˚C to 100˚C.
    • Pressure tested to 40bar. 


    Typical Products Handled Include
    Liquefied Gases - LPG, Butane, Propane, Propylene, Chemicals, Waste Products.

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