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Marine Transfer Systems

  • Alpha Process Controls International has over 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of breakaway couplings. Alpha's range of marine breakaway couplings provides safety critical protection from spillage when ships or bunker barges are transferring hazardous liquids and gases cargoes.

    Alpha's Marine ERC breakaway couplings form the core of the total safety transfer system. The total transfer package includes:

    • Ship's Manifold Concentric Reducers - Class certified with materials certification to EN 10204.2004 type 3.2
    • Marine ERC Couplings
    • Cryogenic Hoses
    • QCDC Quick connect-disconnect couplings
    • Saddles - fixed or adjustable height - for receiving and delivery vessels.
    • Hose arrestor system - to control the rate of fall of the hose and half ERC coupling in a drift away
  • Features of the APC marine breakaway couplings include:

    • Hi flow rates through the coupling allows efficient product transfers
    • Unique internal damping system to reduce the effects of pressure spikes, should the coupling be called upon to separate during full flow transfer
    • Simple pull cable actuation reduces the need for costly HPU's (hydraulic power units)
    • Wide range of activation methods are offered such as nitrogen cylinder, manual actuation
    • The couplings can be easily be reassembled after a drift-away incident
  • Sizes
    from 4", 6", 8" and 10" 

    Seal Types
    Wide range of seal types 
    available to suit specific applications

  • Marine applications where the Alpha system can be used:

    • Ship to Ship transfers
    • Emergency Ship to Ship (salvage)
    • LNG Bunkering
    • Ship to Shore transfers
    • LNG Bulk Break

    Alpha's coupling systems are capable of handling a wide range of hazardous liquids and gases such as LNG, LPG, propylene, ethylene, oils and chemicals.

    With a proven track record in the field, our customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their risk of product spillage in harbours and ports is reduced by installation of these couplings.

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