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Marine Breakaway Couplings

  • Alpha Process Controls International has over 35 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of safety breakaway couplings. Alpha's range of marine breakaway couplings provides safety critical protection from spillage when ships or barges are transferring hazardous cargoes to shore.

    APC's stainless steel marine breakaway couplings come in sizes from 4" to 8" with a wide range of seal trims available to suit specific applications.

    Features of the APC marine breakaway couplings include a unique, simple inbuilt damping system to reduce the effects of pressure spikes, should the coupling be called upon to separate during full flow transfer. The couplings can also be easily reassembled after a drift-away incident.

    With a proven track record in the field, our customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their risk of product spillage in harbours and ports is reduced by installation of these couplings.

    For more details and free application evaluation contact Alpha Process Controls.

  • Reliable operation
    The simple design of the coupling ensures reliable operation even in the most demanding operations.

    Pressure spikes damped
    Damped positive shut-off during coupling shutdown reduces effects of pressure spikes at high flow rates.

    Proven design
    Over 30 years field experience.

    Unique design break bolts
    Break bolts designed to prevent easy substitution of a standard nut and bolt, providing increased safety.

    Supplied to major oil, gas and petrochemical companies throughout the world.

    Rigorously tested
    Hydrostatic testing for each individual coupling.

    Details supplied
    Full history covering component traceability, build and application details are stored electronically.

    Spare parts held in stock.

    Manufactured to the highest quality
    Manufactured to the highest quality control standard - QA system ISO 9001 2008 approved.

    CE marked to PED 97/23/EC.

  • Marine breakaway coupling applications:

    • Ship to shore transfer

    • Barge loading

    • Ship to drilling rig

    • Ship to ship transfer

    • Emergency ship to ship transfer.

    Typical products handled include:

    • LPG, methanol, diesel, fuel oils and chemicals.
  • Main body construction
    Stainless steel 316.

    End connections
    Flanged ANSI, DIN and JIS.

    All elastomeric types and PTFE, special seals also available on request.

    Temperature range
    -50˚C to 100˚C.

    Internal damping system to reduce effects of pressure spikes in full flow shut down condition.

    Break bolts calculated to suit each individual application.

    Coupling designed for bi-directional flow.

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