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Hose & Coupling Systems

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  • Alpha Process Controls can provide the complete package for your loading bay, including hoses, quick connect couplings and safety breakaway couplings.

    The hoses will be rated to work safely with Alpha's range of drybreak and breakaway couplings covering a wide range of hazardous fluids.

    Let Alpha take pain out of ordering individual items for your loading system: one specification, one order, one invoice.

    Many companies are opting for this approach and Alpha has supplied a significant number of these systems over the past 20 years.

    For more details and free application evaluation contact us.

  • Compatible
    Rated for use with Alpha's safety breakaway couplings.

    Single source supply.

    Manufacturing quality
    Manufactured to the highest quality control standards.

    Range of applications
    Hose and couplings packages are available for LPG, cryogenics, chemical and petroleum applications.

  • Hose & coupling packages applications:

    • Bulk loading and unloading from road and rail tankers

    • Marine loading ships, barges and drilling rigs

    • Process product transfer

    • Biotech and pharmaceutical.

    Typical products handled include:

    • Liquefied gases: LPG, liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, LNG

    • Chemicals: ammonia, methanol, aromatics, ethylene & propylene, VCM, alcohols and many more

    • Oils: crude, diesel, fuel oils.

  • Sizes
    1" to 8" or metric equivalents.

    Hose construction
    To suit customer specific products.

    End connections
    Thread, flanged or combinations 1” to 8” to most standards including ANSI, BS, DIN, ISO and JIS.

    Variety of materials for end fittings.

    Anti kink
    Hose anti-kink feature available.

    Pressure tested
    Pressure tested to suit product and process conditions.

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