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Rail car

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Alpha's range of products are a key feature in the loading area where rail tankers are loaded and unloaded.

Safety breakaway couplings provide peace of mind for terminal operators, helping to reduce the risks of major product spillage in the event that a rail tanker moves off while still connected to the loading rack.

Fluiseal drybreak couplings are used to load and unload the most hazardous liquids and gases to road tankers, improving the safety, security and efficiency for terminal operators.

Loading arms are an alternative to flexible hoses. The APC loading arms offer an efficient means of connecting up to rail tankers.

ERC breakaway couplings form part of the loading arm package manufactured by APC, which helps to reduce the effects of a rail tanker tow away while still connected to the arm.

Alpha's coupling systems are capable of handling a wide range of hazardous liquids and gases such as LPG, propylene, oils and chemicals.

loading arms 

Loading Arms


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